Who doesn’t love a good Cheese Platter? I know at all my social events with friends and family they go down a treat. But doing the same thing over and over again can become quite mundane. Well this post is your guide to help you have your next cheese plater go that next level up!

First, the cheese.

There are many types and brands of cheese out there. It is up to you what type you choose. However, most cheese falls into 4 categories.

  1. Soft
  2. Firm
  3. Blue
  4. Aged

You can also add cream cheese. It also good to look out for different textures and milk the cheese is based off so to have the variety. But the key is to have one cheese most people should know.

The amount of cheese will depend on the event. Is this the only pre-lunch/dinner food available or will there be other types. How many guests are coming. How long before the main meal. If you wanted one of each type of cheese above then we recommend a minimum of 12 people.

 Now the chutney

Or relish or jam or pickles. Really the choices are endless and it depends on you (and your guests)

A soft cheese needs a soft companion, that’s why we recommend a Fig Jam or Quince Jam.

With a firm cheese, try having a Fruit Chutney, Tomato Chutney or Onion Jam.

A Blue cheese is good on its own because of its strength and texture.

For an aged cheese, cutting through the sharpness with something sweet like Beetroot Relish is a good combination.

Extra tips and Tricks


  • Have a selection of different crackers, breads to eat the cheese with.
  • Try having fresh fruit (Apples, Strawberries) as well as some dried fruits (apricots) as alternatives to eat with the cheese.
  • Try and use the knives and spoons for each cheese and chutney as to not cross over the flavours.
  • Have some salty on the platter, nuts or cured meats go well.
  • We eat with our eyes first so try and had an odd number of things on the board. If you’re doing an overscale, the have groups of things together so that our eyes enjoy it first.


That’s it. Some simple tips for making your next Cheese board or platter go that next step up. Enjoy 😊