Recently I have been listening and reading about Dr Nural Cokcetin's research into the Benefits of Honey. Below is a list of my top 5 šŸ˜Š

  1. Honey boosts Bacteria in our gut which in turn influences our weight, whether we develop cancer and can influence allergies and our mental health.
  2. Honey could help slow the progress of superbugs due to its many compounds. Even though Honey has been around for many thousands of years, these superbugs have still not found ways to become immune to honey.
  3. Honey is high in antioxidants, including phenols, enzymes and other compounds like organic acids.
  4. Some types of honey have been found to be an effective treatment for some types wounds, burns and other skin conditions,Ā 
  5. Honey is great for a cough. Honey coats the throat and keeps it calm by soothingĀ the nerve endings that protect the throat. TheĀ World Health Organisation gives credence to honey as a demulcent (something that relieves irritation or inflammation), which helps alleviate a cough due to the honey acting as a protective film over the throat.

So there you are, Benefits of Honey. I hope this has been informative and useful.


For more information, please speak to a medical professional before making any medical decisions. If you would like more information on the points above, see the links below.Ā